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Who We Are

We’re an organization of technology veterans. Each of our advisors have 15-30 years of experience as an IT engineer and IT leader in enterprise environments. We have experience managing and consolidating more than 60 acquisitions and have saved businesses millions of dollars annually. It’s our Mission to grow and protect American businesses via technology solutions.
We were just as frustrated as you are having to deal with traditional IT salesmen. This led us to provide advisory services to our peers. Our experience has shown us that the typical IT salesmen are pushing a solution that serves them, not the customer. We’re here to make sense of all the marketing fluff and false claims. We promise to act as a vendor agnostic, client first, extension of your team.

The Power of Centaur

Technology advisors enabling you to solve business challenges.

Our Promise
We’re a vendor agnostic extension of your team. We place our clients and our reputation before profits.
Our Mission
Grow and protect American businesses via technology solutions
Our Vision

To Unify people and Technology for a superior future

About Us

Our Guiding Principles


Integrity is our foundation. We do the right thing even when it's tough.


We acknowledge and appreciate all things so we may live more fulfilling lives.


We put our clients first and work as a greater team.


We take our mission seriously and deliver on our commitments without hesitation.


Simplicity benefits everyone. No need for complexities unless the benefit is undeniable.


We seek our best, grow as a team, and try, try, try.

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